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Do You Listen To Music While You Work?

© Norine Peardon, June, 2009

Music Notes Finding music which can be tolerated while you work on your computer is a tough task! Your media player is not very accomodating in this respect. The available genre’s, I have experienced, are not compatible with sitting at your computer while you are answering emails, developing websites or writing for ezines.

My search for tolerable music led me to classical. The problem with classical is that some of it tends to put me to sleep. I needed something that would allow me to be alert.

Music, without a doubt, is a big part of most peoples’ daily lives. We enjoy listening to music to celebrate happy times, mourn the loss of loved ones and to pass time.  For many, music holds strong personal ties to experiences we have had.  Most people desire to keep music nearby so that they can listen to it when they feel like it.

Benefits of purchasing music online for downloading is that you are able to:

The Psychology of Brands in Music

We believe we live in a relatively rational world.  However in reality, we experience life through our emotions first which we then rationalize to help us make sense of it.  This gives us the perception that we are in control; that we are deciding on what we see, hear, think and feel.  The psychology in brands of music has an enormous effect on our daily lives.

Online Piano Lessons

Have you considered learning to play the piano?  These days you don’t even have to buy a piano.  Alternatively, you can pick up a reasonable second-hand digital piano for a very low price. Once you have bought a piano, the next plan of action is arranging lessons.  If you have lots of money, personally tutored lessons are a reasonable way to learn. You will need to contact a local teacher and arrange lessons with your teacher once a week.  The main problem with this method is that it can be exhorbitantly pricey.