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Find Calm Music

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Classical artists usually perform calm music, but this is not always the case.  Some classical music is anything but calm.  Trying to locate calm music on the internet can be a problem.

If you have Windows Media Player, you should be aware it accommodates internet radio stations and more.  Trying to find the “right” station which allows you to be able to work on your computer with music that doesn’t distract from your task, can be time consuming.  I will tell you in this article, how to find the best radio stations available.

Sound Cards For Capturing Vinyl Records

If you plan on capturing vinyl records on your computer, the following tips should be helpful to you.

When using your PC to save the original sound from your record collection, the capabilities of the sound card in your computer is a key factor in determining the ultimate quality of the sound that is stored.  Most PC sound cards are marketed in terms of their sound output and not as much emphasis placed on the input features.  Here are the key technical aspects to look for in a PC sound card for your LP to Digital conversion needs.