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Introduction To Teenager Violin Lessons

If we allow our teenagers and adolescent children to make their own decisions in life, it is difficult to find out whether they are really involved in good habits and productive activities.  Parents are usually not completely sure what their children are doing most of the time, what they do on the computer, what they watch on TV or even who their friends are.

They prefer making up their own minds about things they want to do and be involved in.  However, we could still suggest things they can do to be more productive and to enhance their innate talents. You can enroll them for art and music lessons to enhance their cultural knowledge and increase their artistic tendencies.  One of the best music classes available is teenager violin lessons.

KING FM Launches Mobile App

King FM Offers Classical Music For Mobile Devices

SEATTLE, Wash.—December 7, 2010—Continuing its longstanding adaptation of new technology to broadcasting classical music, Classical KING FM 98.1 announced today the launch of its iPhone application.  The app is free.

Key features of our new mobile app include:

§  Mobile access to four  streams: KING FM 98.1, The Evergreen Channel, Symphonic Channel, and the Opera Channel

§  Mobile access to KING’s music playlist and

§  Availability for use  on a listener’s iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.