Norine Peardon is the owner of this site. She is an author of other articles and has been recognized an “Expert Author”! She plays the piano but has never had a piano lesson. Yes, she sight reads the music and has played classical music for many years. When in HS, her parents had an old upright, out of tune, piano located in the unheated front porch. Every day when returning from school, Norine would sit down and play for about an hour in the cold of winter or the heat of summer.
Norine Peardon has had a few accordian lessons and a few violin lessons, but her love has been the piano. She has been gifted by God and her family as her family (Mother and Father) were also musically talented. One of her friends suggested this niche site to her and the more she thought about it she realized that she has the knowledge and talent to create this site. Enjoy her knowledge!

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