Classical Artists Respect The Beatles

I am invoking the Beatles music into a classical category because so much of their music was and is currently performed by classical artists.

Everyone Is Familiar With The Works Of The Beatles

Little has not already been noted about the Beatles.  Mention of their name brings to mind specific images and memories for many, and it can be argued that they were the most influential group to take part in the rock and roll movement.   Their music won over an entire generation of listeners, and dominated the public psyche in countries throughout the Western world during the 1960’s. The high caliber and innovation of their music belittled their public persona, which were nevertheless quite prominent. The group’s popularity lasts, and Beatles vinyl records still often fetch high prices.

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A four-piece group, made up of John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, originated in northern England.   They helped to kick off the movement commonly referred to as the “British Invasion”, which centered around an influx of rock music from the United Kingdom into the North American music market in the early 1960’s and the relatively sudden, broadened popularity of the acts involved and the British rock faction in general.  The group, however, surpassed this wave and were one of the major players in rock music for the rest of their existence.  They heavily contributed to future rock movements; claims that only a scant few of their contemporaries can make.

Could We Classify As Classical Artists ?

Their musical journey was marked by a gradual shift in sonic construction away from vocal-oriented music and pop rock to relatively unexplored territory, visiting folk revival along the way.  At the conclusion of their metamorphosis in the late ‘60’s, the group was no longer the Mersey beat aces they had been in their early years.  Instead they were associated with a heavier instrument sound which drew upon various elements from rock’s earlier succinct history and mixed these parts up in new and imaginative ways.

Considering that this band put out such a plethora of hits, it is tough to pick any finite number that accurately encapsulates their career.  The pop anthems “She Loves You”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, and “A Hard Day’s Night”, the surreal “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, the more guitar-oriented rock tunes like “Helter Skelter”, and the gospel-oriented “Let it Be” showcase the variety of sounds that the band projected.

We can look back fondly on ten years of unmitigated joy that this British quartet gave us.  Having physical versions, in any form, of the music of one of the best musical acts of modern times is a point of pride, but ownership of the group’s record albums puts one in exclusive company.   The group’s body of work has had exceptional staying power, and has long outlasted the band itself, as well as Lennon and Harrison, who passed on some years ago.  The four gentlemen from Liverpool will always be with us.  Classical artists and rock bands will be performing their music until eternity.

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