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Classical Performers Archives

Lake Country Orchestra Concert


Lake Country Orchestra Gives A Great Performance !

Concert Program

© Norine Peardon

March 13, 2016  2 PM
Sean Phelan, Conductor
Oconomowoc Arts Center

The audience was delighted when discovering the Lake Country Orchestra  would be presenting a somewhat green concert.  I can’t emphasize enough that more community support would be welcomed.  Keeping the attitude, talent and interest of the symphony members will enhance the musical community of Oconomowoc.  Let’s let our local musicians know they are wanted!

Norwegian Dances – Edward Grieg

Obviously, Edward Grieg resided in Norway.  Do you suppose these dances were written to celebrate the end of a long winter ?  The music conveyed joy and energy.


© Norine Peardon, 2015

March 22, 2015 4PM

The concert began with the appearance of Director, Sean Phelan.  Surprises were in store for the audience.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream-Overture & Incidental Music

The first selection was Felix Mendelssohn’s music from the play,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The fairies in the woods were very busy and happy as the violins made known.  For those of us who have never been privy to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, perhaps we would have been more engaged if the first selection included The Wedding March, one of Mendelssohn’s most famous melodies.

The Most Venerated Group In Rock History – The Beatles : Classical Artists ?

Classical Artists Respect The Beatles

I am invoking the Beatles music into a classical category because so much of their music was and is currently performed by classical artists.

Everyone Is Familiar With The Works Of The Beatles

Little has not already been noted about the Beatles.  Mention of their name brings to mind specific images and memories for many, and it can be argued that they were the most influential group to take part in the rock and roll movement.   Their music won over an entire generation of listeners, and dominated the public psyche in countries throughout the Western world during the 1960’s. The high caliber and innovation of their music belittled their public persona, which were nevertheless quite prominent. The group’s popularity lasts, and Beatles vinyl records still often fetch high prices.

The newer age band, who might have not been born at some stage in the peak of rock vinyl prominence or have even heard the true tune and vintage sound of analog formats, might be perplexed by the unsurpassed generation of older music fans devoted to the revival of vinyl records. Despite the expediency which shared downloads of MP3s and iPods provide, the current music industry still leaves enough breathing room for vinyl records to succeed. Sales of conventional music recordings, like LP’s are recognized to reduce the build up of digital music as record centers and music stores are bringing back niches for gramophone and vinyl racks.

Downloading Songs Of The Beatles

Downloading Beatles Songs

Up until recently, it had been difficult to Download Beatles Songs. I am a huge Beatles fan continuing into present day. I have always enjoyed their music. Nowhere can you find another band that after being together for only eight years has the diversity of songs that they did. I don’t believe that anyone could make the claim that Norwegian Wood sounds like Love Me Do or that Hey Jude sounds like She Loves You. Their whole career as a band spanned a little over eight years.

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