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The Psychology of Brands in Music

We believe we live in a relatively rational world.  However in reality, we experience life through our emotions first which we then rationalize to help us make sense of it.  This gives us the perception that we are in control; that we are deciding on what we see, hear, think and feel.  The psychology in brands of music has an enormous effect on our daily lives.

Online Piano Lessons

Have you considered learning to play the piano?  These days you don’t even have to buy a piano.  Alternatively, you can pick up a reasonable second-hand digital piano for a very low price. Once you have bought a piano, the next plan of action is arranging lessons.  If you have lots of money, personally tutored lessons are a reasonable way to learn. You will need to contact a local teacher and arrange lessons with your teacher once a week.  The main problem with this method is that it can be exhorbitantly pricey.

Georg Neumann introduced the world’s first commercially available condenser microphone, the Neumann CMV, and officially put his new company Neumann on the map with his enhancement of vocal sound. The interchangeable capsules offered different directional patterns, and it was hard to miss at 40 cm tall and 9cm in diameter. Due its large profile, it became known as the “Neumann bottle.” The easily recognizable CMV 3 is often seen in historical photographs of public events in Germany, many taken during World War II.

Free Home Recording – Advice for Newbies

If you are a budding songwriter and have always wondered how some musicians can produce amazing music in their bedrooms then I’m here to tell you that it’s not as hard as you think and the time to start your Digital Home Recording journey is now.

With a few simple Home Recording Techniques budding musicians all over the world are having success far beyond what we could have ever expected in the past, and a few of the lucky ones are even hitting the big time on sites like MySpace and YouTube and building a great income from their home recordings.

Benefits of Learning To Play The Piano

There are more than a few advantages in learning to play the piano.  The piano is a definite favorite, but why is it so popular?  It takes a lot of talent to play the piano well, and in almost every musical genre there are the greats that take the stage and prove this is not a simple, ordinary instrument.

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