The Apple ipod has dominated the digital media player (DMP) market. Understandably so, ipod is a good music player with many great features.

But Microsoft’s introduction of the Zune, the company’s MP3 DMP player, Apple is facing some serious competition.The Zune released in late 2006.  Since then, the Zune has really taken off.The Zune and the ipod are similar in price and include many of the same features.  However, there are some things that the Zune has that the ipod does not:

Below are the list of features supported by Zune and not ipod (based on a comparison of a 30GB Zune and a 30GB ipod:

How Guitar Video Lessons Can Help

Guitar video lessons have rapidly become a very popular and accessible way for nearly anyone to start playing the guitar without needing a dedicated teacher. As more and more people take up the guitar and try to learn how they can play it without having to offer up hundreds of dollars in lesson fees, they are finding that guitar video lessons are a great way to replace an teacher and augment a book or piece of software that goes along with your guitar practices.

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Music can be a great enjoyment for all involved in it. Music is intertwined into our way of life. It takes important part in every life. Classical music is one of the oldest musical traditions in the world. Music is composed and performed for many purposes like entertainment, pleasure and business. Music composition is the creation and recording of music by composers which can be enjoyed by all and is helpful for the student majoring in music education tol develop more skills and concepts.

The Pleasure of Classical Music

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All music started out with classical composers. In today’s world, most of the very old classical music is still being played and used for public pleasure.Mozart









One of the ways classical music is relayed to us is by orchestra. The symphonies are played by many instruments known as an orchestra and most of the music was written by the early composers.  Some of these composers names’ were Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Mendelsohn, Mozart, Handel, Brahms, Haydn, Dvorak, Grieg and Tchaikovsky. The symphony music has many parts or sections (movements). Sometimes the music delivered to listeners is only part of the symphony.

Hello Classical Music Lovers


Welcome to Classy Music For Those Who Prefer Classical

Thank you for visiting this site. Classical music has been around for a long time. It has been used for listening, background music in movies, TV and even cartoons. As you learn more about classical music, you will enjoy it even more and it is great to listen to while working on your computer. Be sure to listen to the hand-picked music on this site. The controls are on your right. Enjoy!

Note:  If you cannot see the media player or hear the classical music, please try your Internet Explorer browser.  I am having very much trouble with all versions of Firefox.

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