Lake Country Orchestra

Lake Country Orchestra Gives Great Performance

May 10th, 2014

It was 7 PM and the Lake Country Orchestra was tuning.  Then Robert Ignaszak, Conductor, entered the stage to begin the performance no one was expecting.  A moment of complete silence and then pure music!

Overture to King Stephen, Op. 117

Composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, wrote this music to honor King Stephen I, founder of the kingdom of Hungary.  Very enjoyable as Beethoven is my favorite composer.


An Introduction To The Piano



Just about everybody listens to music. Understanding the piano keys and how they relate to written music makes your music preference even more enjoyable. You may prefer certain genres but understanding the music creates a new world of music for you. You also may have an instrument preference. Once you are able to read written music, you can then take up an instrument to play your music.

Are You Talented ?

© Norine Peardon

What Is Talent?

Are you “talented”?  Most of us are born with some natural abilty or skill.  Finding that talent is the difficult part.  Sometimes we inherit a talent from our parents, but this is not necessarily true; sometimes an experience sheds light on a natural ability.


Discover Your Talent

Whenever and wherever the discovery is made, it needs to be nurtured, practiced, educated and expanded.  The interest of the talented person should be encouraged, especially a child who has many years to grow the talent, and supported.  It should be the focus of activities in and outside of school.

The Most Venerated Group In Rock History – The Beatles : Classical Artists ?

Classical Artists Respect The Beatles

I am invoking the Beatles music into a classical category because so much of their music was and is currently performed by classical artists.

Everyone Is Familiar With The Works Of The Beatles

Little has not already been noted about the Beatles.  Mention of their name brings to mind specific images and memories for many, and it can be argued that they were the most influential group to take part in the rock and roll movement.   Their music won over an entire generation of listeners, and dominated the public psyche in countries throughout the Western world during the 1960’s. The high caliber and innovation of their music belittled their public persona, which were nevertheless quite prominent. The group’s popularity lasts, and Beatles vinyl records still often fetch high prices.

Recording Music At A Professional Studio

A music recording studio is a location where all the recording phases of music are performed and produced to be published. These studios are well provided and contain all of the necessary tools crucial to record a song for a record, jingle or film. Aside from recording songs there are a range of other crucial processes that occur at the studio. Processes like mixing and remixing music are vital in order to make a song that may grab the attention of an audience.

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